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There is little more galling than to see someone who never was able to beat you in tourney advance to the chivalry. Moreso because in all estimation if I'd stayed in Aethelmearc I should have gained the accolade YEARS ago. How does one congratulate a friend on his new honor while despising the Kingdom that did it for failing to grant me the same when I was at my peak? Yes this is me being BITTER and petty...and hurt and seeing the truth that I can no longer be a knight because my body won't let me. GODS DAMN IT this hurts.
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I need a woman...a woman I am not already married to, committed to, a woman to kiss me. To kiss me like she was so thirsty that not kissing me would cause her to dry up and blow away. I need to feel her pulse under my tongue and teeth...to pinch her nipples and make her moan, twitch and even scream. I need a woman to remind me what it was like when other women besides my wife thought I was sexy...thought I was fuckable, think I am all those things and more. I need to feel her hair on my knees...her lips on the toes of my boots. I need to know...flat, slap-damn know that I still have the baraka in me. I need this to feel whole again. My flesh is a stumbling block & my mind and my heart need to be set alight. I need to raise some cain...and some cane.
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Just got back from National Aquarium with Julia Sparks...SOooooo cool. Pics to follow. We also had a stellar lunch at Phillips Seafood...yum!! Natty Boh only really tastes good with fried seafood...hmmmmmm


Jun. 11th, 2017 05:20 pm
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I live in the capital of our nation
My government fails to adequately fear its people
choosing instead, to believe it's hype
They think they're untouchable
They think they're above the law
how long do they think we will wait?
the meek are getting ready.
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It has been my prediction that our next real, HOT war would be with Korea. Now the Orangutan in Chief is spraying his shorts over the possibility that he can start a "Short, Victorious War" tm to distract us all from his domestic disasters and his Russian collusion scandal...AND his sexual harassment gaffes and his self-enrichment schemes...One tiny problem...other people's kids and millions of Korean civilians are going to die if the SCROTUS pulls this malignant bunny out of the hat. HIS kids wouldn't be serving...most of his rancid tax-fattened buddies kids won't be serving...Congress' kids won't be serving...nope. But you can damned sure bet that the kids of the dumb, mouthbreather , flatstate and southern morons who voted for him are going to...along with everyone else's kids. Are you REALLY willing to take a bullet for this ?


Apr. 25th, 2017 09:12 am
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Here in Atlantia, Shires are a rare thing...everyone here wants to group together in a Barony. Shires are regarded as some kind of sink of dissent or failed attempt at a Barony or Nest of loony separatists. Worse still the Shire I live in has a few members who are up-and-coming individuals who see the shire as their shot at becoming a territorial Baron /ness if only they can sway the populace enough. In short they act like their ambition is more important than others' experience of the SCA through our shire. I am just about out of patience with the people who make annexation jokes and the people whose naked ambition annoys me...The question becomes do I give them and earful or a heavy rinse wood-shampoo when I finally lose it?
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Two of my greatest chivalric inspirations are dead...Morguhn and Aradydd were so much the knights I wanted to be. Most of the rest of my heroes and old inspirations are retiring or aging out...and here I sit at fifty three, having authorized in 1978 and having sworn to the fates I would be a knight by the time I had turned 35( I wish someone had just said "Hey Hamish, it's not going to happen...give it up). Still needing , what? Inspiration ? to belong? To serve as a squire? Hah! Never again. I just don't have the heart for it.
So what am I chasing? Why am I still doing this? Gods above and below, I love the competition and I enjoy the comraderie. But are they enough to keep me going at this age? I dunno...I am discouraged and disappointed. I don't CARE about things like I used to. I feel...like I need to feel again.
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I was once told by a dear playmate that what she found with me was that kink-play was/ could be symbiotic and not parasitic. That she could go to deep dark places and come back to cuddling and safety".
Symbiotic and not parasitic. That's a perfect description for any successful relationship. Symbiotes cannot thrive without each other...parasites don't even care if the host organism is dead or not.
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I have totally deleted my LJ profile and account. If I post...it'll be here.
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"You feed us and take care of us. That's all we care about. Titles are a human thing."
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to have "A Brand" what would that be? Discuss.
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Jules and I took vacation time to have a mental-health day together. We went to the Edgar Allen Poe Museum and the Farmer's Market. We had breakfast in a favorite diner. We went to Elwood Thompson( a very-toney health food store and gourmet emporium) for the first time...I think I am in love!! The cheese counter and the butchery alone were delightful.
We also went shopping in Cary town. One of our stops, as always, being
"Ten Thousand Villages",a store that specialises in handmade goods from parts foreign and selling them in a "Fair-trade" manner. As we entered the store we noticed two "soccer-mom" types selecting items and heading for the counter. They began interrogating the clerk behind the counter...and the conversation went something like this:

soccer mom: Excuse me, Miss.
clerk: Yes ma'am?
soccer mom: I bought these exact same figurines ( of terra cotta cats)
in this store a month ago and I remember that the card
said they'd been made out of dung. Now this one says they
are made of terra cotta what's the deal?
clerk ( looking a tad suprised)" Ma'am . we don't sell any items
made of/from dung here. They're terra cotta.
soccer mom: I am TELLING you the card said they were made of dung
last time! Besides, Terra-cotta is RED! ( insert the implied
"So there, you fool!" for the right tone of voice)
At this point, attempting to save the clerk, I stood up on my hind legs and said "Actually, terra cotta is the color of whatever earth you started out with. It can be black, yellow, red, brown etc...due to the fact that mineral clay is different all over the world." (leaving out the implied "you stupid yuppie cow" but saying it with inflection)

AT that point I acknowledged the relieved look from the clerk and resumed browsing...but the conversation continued, as follows:

soccer mom to her friend/yes-woman : Didn't the card say they were
made of dung last time?? I bought them for (name of girl child)
because I thought they were cool (being made of dung??!! HELL-OOOO??).
Yes-woman: I remember you saying that, yes. Dung.
clerk ( now looking pretty disgusted) Ma'am , we don't sell any, ANY
items made of dung here.
Soccer mom: Well, I don't want them if they're not made from dung!
Here, put them back!

at this point , gentle- readers, I was quite beside my self...biting into my hand to avoid laughing out loud...and fortunately out of these ladies' line of sight. I kept mentally adding to the commentary, of course. Things like:
I only buy REAL dung ornaments for my kid!
And they'd better be authentic East Indian dung dammit! etc...etc...
It must be the finest "Virgin Dung" unsullied by commercial processing!
Dung never touched, by the "Man"

Minutes later, when these two sad, obviously demented yuppie bozos had left the shop, the clerk came and thanked me for trying to bail her out. I shared my humorous internal commentary with her and vouchsafed that if the soccer-mom had REALLY wanted an item sculpted from "Authentic dung" I would have been happy to oblige her. Assuming she was paying the price that the figurines went for. We discussed which part of the conversation seemed more outlandish...the thought of buying a child (presumably a relative) an item made of dung? Or being disappointed that the ornament wasn't really made of dung? All in all...we shared a laugh at the soccer mom's expense, And a very fine laugh it was. Julie bought a very nice market basket ( from Burkina Faso, and also notably Dung-free)...and we went our way still sniggering and chortling over the event. Somedays it's just good to be alive.
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1:Met Ian Anderson on a sidewalk in Utica NY, as well as being the scribe on an "Order of the Troubador" scroll given him by the East Kingdom(SCA).
2:Disarmed a nuclear weapon.
3: Told dirty jokes while disarming a nuclear weapon.
4:Jumped out of a helo ,over water,at roughly 110 mph.>ow!<
5:Once told a King(SCA) to go to hell and gave him the gas money to get him there.
6: Been buried alive...yes, buried.
7: Used a bayonet for its ACTUAL designed purpose
8: Used native (panamanian indian) "medicines" to "vision quest".
9: Dispatched and worked as a medic for Utica's professional ambulance company .
10: Actually lived in a house in Scotland (where I was born) that was old when Columbus sailed to America.
11: Spent a sunny Fall afternoon covered head to toe in baby raccoons.
12:Held a recently living human brain in the palms of my hands.
13:Booby trapped a squadmate's room with trip-wires and artillery simulators
14:Caused a kingdom herald to "spit-take" during a royal court. (not pretty, never do this)
15:Gotten busted playing dice with two parish priests by the principal(nun) of my Catholic grade school.
16:Painted "Hah! Missed me" next to a bullet wipe on my Kevlar helmet.
17:Paid the equivalent of several hundred dollars for a multi-course dinner where every dish(and I do mean "EVERY") was alive. (aren't the Japanese such clever people?)
18:Cold cocked a second lieutenant with a chair during a fight in a German Gasthaus and got away with it.
19: Used a pistol as a can-opener(long story)
20: Jumped up and down on an armed landmine(anti-tank) without detonating it.
21: Climbed ALL the steps of The pyramid at Tehotihuacan on a bet
22: Used my issue weapons for their designed purpose. Several times, actually( no, I didn't keep count), in combat. Not proud of it.
23: Taught a class in herbal toxicology without a degree in botany, pharmacology or toxicology. The class was called "Herbal toxins of the Medieval world...Or poisoning for fun and profit".
24: Disarmed a "suspicious package" in a military PX complex that turned out to be a metronome packaged for shipping to the US.
25: Hunted and killed a wild boar (european boar) with a spear
26:Given away thousands of dollars worth( figuring material costs and labor costs) of my artwork (calligraphy, leather and stained glass)free to people whom I barely knew.
27: Taught Japanese swordsmanship in my front yard (how I met my wife).
28: Handled sensitive documents as part of my job.
29: Had a fully armored horse and rider accidentally stand on my foot as I passed the rider a lance.
30: Was once (as forfeit on a prank I had pulled) forced to appear as the Pope in public places for a year.
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1: I am really , really bad at accepting compliments.

2: I will always choose confrontation over retreat. Too mean to back down and too fat to run away. Gotta stand and fight.

3: I care about people more than I should.
4: I always leave room for someone I love, to disappoint me.

5: I am clinical, analytical and very detached while I am doing things that are necessary...afterward I can get emotional. Most folks just think I am cold or cruel.

6: I am terrified of being underground.

7: I am trying to live my life like time is not an issue- for a guy who did not expect to live past thirty...I seem to be doing OK.

8: I am more careful of my friends,now than I ever have been.

9: I live every day , knowing that the bete-noir inside of me is always looking for a way out. Depression will kill me and boredom is the first step...
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1 I have lost the ability to be truly patient with people I perceive as indecisive.
2 I take offense quickly because I expect people to take advantage or ignore my feelings.
3 I will analyze everything you say for meaning and content- I expect everyone will lie to me...about something.
4 I dream of someone who will actually be precisely who they seem to be.
5 I know I need to be more touchy-feely...I respond to it reasonably well.
6 I ALWAYS fight back.
7 When you're a hammer, all your troubles look like nails.
8 Arousal scares me because I have to concentrate on too many things at the same time...patterns and communication helps.
9 I am ALWAYS in pain...my daily pain level is a six out of ten( ten was a gunshot wound)

10 I know I can be weird...ask questions, I will always answer a question.
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I am endlessly bumfoozled by the thought that , based upon my appearance...people assume that I am a Neo-Con. I have also, in my time, been misapprehended as a member of the Klan, the Nazi Skins movement and the Tea party. Okay...I shave my head. Have for years. It's REALLY better than male pattern baldness(thanks Mom and Dad)...my shaven pate is not, not, NOT a political statement. Nor are my GI tattoo or the fact that I wear black alot...my tattoo was earned and the black is utilitarian and convenient. No statement implied.
I have a "Freedom is not free!" bumper sticker on my minivan. That statement is literal for me. Your freedom, and mine, and everyone else's (as guaranteed by the constitution) was bought and paid for with blood ,sweat, toil, and tears of service members . End message. Full stop. No BS Republican ,tea bagger ,moronic ,Neo-Con trappings to it.
I regularly wear a ball cap that bears the slogan ; "American Veteran, Served with honor". Again, no political connotations, just self identifying as a veteran. I am an ex Republican...I didn't leave the GOP, the GOP betrayed my trust and left me. How you ask? They betrayed and left me by becoming "The Party of Stupid and Crazy". They forgot how to deal with facts. They eschewed logic and sense in favor of bombast and hyperbole.
They chose to make morons and marginally intelligent but politically reliable idiots their candidates and representatives. The underlying tide of racism, money-grubbing, pentecostal religiosity, and pseudo-folksy dogma became the total substance of what was once the party of Lincoln.
I have never been even remotely equate-able with either the Nazi-skins or the Klan. I have prejudices and I AM a bigot; I freely admit that. but I am neither a Nazi nor a sheet-wearing nightrider. I believe that most people, regardless of race ...suck. Individuals are good...races are great big amorphous bags of sentimentality and crazy that I do not need in my life.
I am pro Union( raised blue collar and I will always side with working men and women over fat-cats in suits), pro abortion( If a woman wants or needs one she should have the right to get one without ANYONE's interference. A fetus is not a person...no you will not change my mind on this. You will regret trying.) , pro moderate gun control ( by which I mean: John Q Public does not need military grade heavy weaponry and/or ammunition necessary to defeat a police officer's body armor. Yes you DO have to pass a psych eval to own a gun and yes you SHOULD need to take a regular safety course to keep them. ), and anti-Corporate greed...the which is self explanatory.
Who do I hate? I hate rich people who have never worked an honest day in their lives. I hate politicians...the only good politician is a dead one. I hate people who bleat loudly and publically that their way is the only way( when there is clear proof that they're wrong). I hate people who substitute religion for intelligence. I hate people who say : "I am not a scientist, but..." when they know damned well that there ARE scientists who will provide them with the solution to their ignorance and blind assumptions...but won't access that resource because of a cherished heap of bullshit.
If you assume I am who you think I am; based on ANY evidence other than direct inquiry as to my opinion, feeling, belief, experience on a subject...you're probably wrong.
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OK so today I watched the unrated version of 50 Shades of Grey. My feelings are the same as when I finished the books.
1: For a guy who sets a lotta rules and boundaries in his life, he's really bad at them in a relationship. Breaking your own rules sets a bad precedent. Promotes inconsistency and guarantees mixed signals
2: Implying or even outright saying that "kinky" is shorthand for "fucked up" or "Disturbed" is both inaccurate and stupid.
3: Yeah OK...so you're independently wealthy, handsome and powerful...I GET it already. Thanks for spelling out why I both hate you and am disgusted by you.
4: REALLY? You willingly and consentingly went through all that and then you left him? WTF kinda message are YOU sending?
5: If you don't trust, don't play.
6: This story would have pissed me off no matter who played the roles. Not sorry I viewed it...just remembering why I waited so long.
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OKay...As an American ( no, not 'murrican) I am sick and tired of hearing you bitch about your religious freedom. You're Christians for fuck's sake. You comprise (Catholics included) better than eighty-five percent of the religious demographic of this Nation. IN NO WAY are you persecuted or oppressed. I mean, holy shit, your fatcat rich churches don't even pay taxes on ANY of the money ( Great flipping wodges of cash on an annual basis) they rake in!!
You ARE being told that your faith path does not trump (no pun intended) the rights of others to freely express their sexuality, faith, political beliefs and need to be contributing members of Society. You ARE driving your own young people away in droves because of your blinkered stupidity and intolerance. You ARE failing to live by the very tenets of the faith you desperately wave (like a burning cross) in our faces every chance you get. You ARE letting institutional racism, intolerance, ignorance and denial of simple universal facts make you look far more stupid and bigoted than you actually are.
This is EXACTLY what the founders were trying to avoid when they specifically did NOT establish a National Religion. In fact, having seen first hand the destruction and horror that National Religions wrought in Europe for centuries...they were DEAD SET against having one. Instead , they guaranteed that all people were free to express their faith as they were called to ...including no faith at all. Yes. You ARE free to be religious. Go for it. Live it up. Have fun, if your particular version of imaginary friend allows fun. But remember that one man's beliefs are another man's bullshit. you right to swing your arm ends, possibly fatally at MY nose.
If your faith interferes with my rights...we're gonna have a problem and you are gonna lose.
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In response to some folks getting all bent out of shape on another related site...I work leather. I make things out of leather FOR MONEY. Which means I have to cater to several diverse runs of customer and display those products in public occasionally. This means that If I am at a Biker event or Pennsic , for instance, I might have revealing leather apparel for the fairer sex on display as well as paddles flogging devices and so forth and it will be displayed with the belts, pouches, bags etc...that I sell as my main product lines. Or if I am at a gun and Knife show there will probably be substantial gun and knife leather on display amongst other things. Either way I may or may not have hired booth personnel to model some of this apparel. I may or may not have located these items further into my stall where kids wandering with their parents can't see them...I may even be wearing the leather kilt myself if the weather isn't "Meat falling off the bone" hot. Should you choose to regard any of my more risqué products as "Objectifying and/or demeaning to women" or any staff I may have hired/asked to wear my products as being objectified or demeaned..I am going to point out that I am not a slave owner. Anyone working for me is doing so for a buck and with their free and informed consent. I will also point out that my shop/stall/booth is a place where I do business with many diverse customers with diverse tastes. If you and yours are incapable of turning the fuck around and walking out of a store/stall/booth I cannot credit you with volition or sentience. If you choose to attack me or anyone...ANYONE in my employ with regards to my work...you should not do so and instead do it with me, in person , face to face so I can tell you to shut the fuque up and grow up or throatpunch/ arm-bar choke the living daylights out of your arrogant, entitled, busybody, social justice warrior ass myself. Seriously people ...different strokes and all. Get offa my lawn.


Apr. 11th, 2017 12:35 pm
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...you did NOT really turn down a Peerage.
...you did NOT really tell the AE Principal of the Chivalry to pull your name from the pollings.
...you did NOT Tell a SCAdian King to go to hell and then give him the gas money to get there.

You're right...I did not. I responded negatively to a touchy conversation designed to take my temperature regarding that Peerage. I would like to say I was sober at the time...I was not. I would like to say I approached the discussion with an open mind and a chivalrous spirit...I did not. But had it been said at an event( rather than at a party with an open bar) that My King and the Order was set on inducting me(rather than "Well they're considering you for...")...I would have acceded reluctantly.

Yes...I REALLY did tell the AE Principal of the Chivalry to remove me indefinitely from the Chivalry poll. I had separated from my knight and I saw no way that the Order was going to bother considering me as anything but a joke...so I begged a favor from and old friend and dropped all hopes of being knighted...ever.

Yes...yes I did. In court.
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