Apr. 9th, 2017

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In response to some folks getting all bent out of shape on another related site...I work leather. I make things out of leather FOR MONEY. Which means I have to cater to several diverse runs of customer and display those products in public occasionally. This means that If I am at a Biker event or Pennsic , for instance, I might have revealing leather apparel for the fairer sex on display as well as paddles flogging devices and so forth and it will be displayed with the belts, pouches, bags etc...that I sell as my main product lines. Or if I am at a gun and Knife show there will probably be substantial gun and knife leather on display amongst other things. Either way I may or may not have hired booth personnel to model some of this apparel. I may or may not have located these items further into my stall where kids wandering with their parents can't see them...I may even be wearing the leather kilt myself if the weather isn't "Meat falling off the bone" hot. Should you choose to regard any of my more risqué products as "Objectifying and/or demeaning to women" or any staff I may have hired/asked to wear my products as being objectified or demeaned..I am going to point out that I am not a slave owner. Anyone working for me is doing so for a buck and with their free and informed consent. I will also point out that my shop/stall/booth is a place where I do business with many diverse customers with diverse tastes. If you and yours are incapable of turning the fuck around and walking out of a store/stall/booth I cannot credit you with volition or sentience. If you choose to attack me or anyone...ANYONE in my employ with regards to my work...you should not do so and instead do it with me, in person , face to face so I can tell you to shut the fuque up and grow up or throatpunch/ arm-bar choke the living daylights out of your arrogant, entitled, busybody, social justice warrior ass myself. Seriously people ...different strokes and all. Get offa my lawn.
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Invariably, every leather worker gets this question...usually asked by a snarky high-school/college aged emo dweeb: "So >sniff< how do you source your leather?" I will ask you to imagine the nasal, whiny, sanctimonious tome of voice...I can't reproduce it in prose.
Far from being angry or crude and responding with the first thing that comes to my mind at times like those...I usually say something like this:" Well, thank you for asking. I would like to tell you that all the animals,whose skins I use, lived full, happy little livestock lives and died of old age after days of sunshine and fluffy bunnies...but I choose not to begin our relationship with a lie. There's a thriving meat industry in this country and it would be irresponsible to allow the hides- which are a by product- to go to waste. So while it's a tad indelicate and apparently a little repellent to you...it does have the benefit of being environmentally responsible and sustainable. Anything else?"


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