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I am going to really stir the pot here.I am going to postulate a theory that comes close to blasphemy. No historical example of Chivalry is really all that good in terms of use for the SCA. As usual we need to look at this like generalists, not specialists. Many of DeCharny's,Lull's,Keen's theories and usages are VERY good exemplars of what we should be doing. But the Victorian model has good points as well.Chiefly its idealism and sense of fairplay.
I would suggest that it is time for the Chivalry and Royalty of the SCA to create their OWN model.To establish real and concrete standards for themselves. Using the classical texts and the victorian ideals as source materials and using their own judgement to fill in the gaps.
I argue that chivalry is a flexible concept bound by an iron band. The flexible concept is the "Ideal". The iron band is "Do what is right because it's the right thing to do." Why must we be bound by anything other than "Do the right thing"? Because it's still possible to do the right thing for the wrong reasons. The reason I say that the Chivalry need to do this is that they are the living examples that SCA communities look to for edification.
Thus, they must be the new arbiters of what chivalry for the SCA is. Some are some aren't.
Now, that's very hard thing to do. It's difficult to establish hard standards when you (like everybody else) are trammelled by feet of clay. But what makes y'all knightly/noble is your ability to transcend the muck and mire of daily life and carry yourselves as knights/nobles. Therefore it falls to y'all to create the new example.
A new example that calls forth the ancient ethos of chivalry but is tempered by the idealism of victorian sensibility and modern common sense. There are MANY knights and Peers who do exactly this everyday in every kingdom. Look around you and take on that mantle for yourselves. Then pass that knowledge and enforce it rigorously.
Open a new book on what model of chivalry we in the SCA use. Your time has come. You are the yardstick we will all measure ourselves against. We will weigh ourselves, measure ourselves and (if you have truly been good examples) we will not be found wanting when our time comes.

If I'm wrong say so...but it's how I feel.


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