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1:Met Ian Anderson on a sidewalk in Utica NY, as well as being the scribe on an "Order of the Troubador" scroll given him by the East Kingdom(SCA).
2:Disarmed a nuclear weapon.
3: Told dirty jokes while disarming a nuclear weapon.
4:Jumped out of a helo ,over water,at roughly 110 mph.>ow!<
5:Once told a King(SCA) to go to hell and gave him the gas money to get him there.
6: Been buried alive...yes, buried.
7: Used a bayonet for its ACTUAL designed purpose
8: Used native (panamanian indian) "medicines" to "vision quest".
9: Dispatched and worked as a medic for Utica's professional ambulance company .
10: Actually lived in a house in Scotland (where I was born) that was old when Columbus sailed to America.
11: Spent a sunny Fall afternoon covered head to toe in baby raccoons.
12:Held a recently living human brain in the palms of my hands.
13:Booby trapped a squadmate's room with trip-wires and artillery simulators
14:Caused a kingdom herald to "spit-take" during a royal court. (not pretty, never do this)
15:Gotten busted playing dice with two parish priests by the principal(nun) of my Catholic grade school.
16:Painted "Hah! Missed me" next to a bullet wipe on my Kevlar helmet.
17:Paid the equivalent of several hundred dollars for a multi-course dinner where every dish(and I do mean "EVERY") was alive. (aren't the Japanese such clever people?)
18:Cold cocked a second lieutenant with a chair during a fight in a German Gasthaus and got away with it.
19: Used a pistol as a can-opener(long story)
20: Jumped up and down on an armed landmine(anti-tank) without detonating it.
21: Climbed ALL the steps of The pyramid at Tehotihuacan on a bet
22: Used my issue weapons for their designed purpose. Several times, actually( no, I didn't keep count), in combat. Not proud of it.
23: Taught a class in herbal toxicology without a degree in botany, pharmacology or toxicology. The class was called "Herbal toxins of the Medieval world...Or poisoning for fun and profit".
24: Disarmed a "suspicious package" in a military PX complex that turned out to be a metronome packaged for shipping to the US.
25: Hunted and killed a wild boar (european boar) with a spear
26:Given away thousands of dollars worth( figuring material costs and labor costs) of my artwork (calligraphy, leather and stained glass)free to people whom I barely knew.
27: Taught Japanese swordsmanship in my front yard (how I met my wife).
28: Handled sensitive documents as part of my job.
29: Had a fully armored horse and rider accidentally stand on my foot as I passed the rider a lance.
30: Was once (as forfeit on a prank I had pulled) forced to appear as the Pope in public places for a year.
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