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I am endlessly bumfoozled by the thought that , based upon my appearance...people assume that I am a Neo-Con. I have also, in my time, been misapprehended as a member of the Klan, the Nazi Skins movement and the Tea party. Okay...I shave my head. Have for years. It's REALLY better than male pattern baldness(thanks Mom and Dad)...my shaven pate is not, not, NOT a political statement. Nor are my GI tattoo or the fact that I wear black alot...my tattoo was earned and the black is utilitarian and convenient. No statement implied.
I have a "Freedom is not free!" bumper sticker on my minivan. That statement is literal for me. Your freedom, and mine, and everyone else's (as guaranteed by the constitution) was bought and paid for with blood ,sweat, toil, and tears of service members . End message. Full stop. No BS Republican ,tea bagger ,moronic ,Neo-Con trappings to it.
I regularly wear a ball cap that bears the slogan ; "American Veteran, Served with honor". Again, no political connotations, just self identifying as a veteran. I am an ex Republican...I didn't leave the GOP, the GOP betrayed my trust and left me. How you ask? They betrayed and left me by becoming "The Party of Stupid and Crazy". They forgot how to deal with facts. They eschewed logic and sense in favor of bombast and hyperbole.
They chose to make morons and marginally intelligent but politically reliable idiots their candidates and representatives. The underlying tide of racism, money-grubbing, pentecostal religiosity, and pseudo-folksy dogma became the total substance of what was once the party of Lincoln.
I have never been even remotely equate-able with either the Nazi-skins or the Klan. I have prejudices and I AM a bigot; I freely admit that. but I am neither a Nazi nor a sheet-wearing nightrider. I believe that most people, regardless of race ...suck. Individuals are good...races are great big amorphous bags of sentimentality and crazy that I do not need in my life.
I am pro Union( raised blue collar and I will always side with working men and women over fat-cats in suits), pro abortion( If a woman wants or needs one she should have the right to get one without ANYONE's interference. A fetus is not a person...no you will not change my mind on this. You will regret trying.) , pro moderate gun control ( by which I mean: John Q Public does not need military grade heavy weaponry and/or ammunition necessary to defeat a police officer's body armor. Yes you DO have to pass a psych eval to own a gun and yes you SHOULD need to take a regular safety course to keep them. ), and anti-Corporate greed...the which is self explanatory.
Who do I hate? I hate rich people who have never worked an honest day in their lives. I hate politicians...the only good politician is a dead one. I hate people who bleat loudly and publically that their way is the only way( when there is clear proof that they're wrong). I hate people who substitute religion for intelligence. I hate people who say : "I am not a scientist, but..." when they know damned well that there ARE scientists who will provide them with the solution to their ignorance and blind assumptions...but won't access that resource because of a cherished heap of bullshit.
If you assume I am who you think I am; based on ANY evidence other than direct inquiry as to my opinion, feeling, belief, experience on a subject...you're probably wrong.


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