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OKay...As an American ( no, not 'murrican) I am sick and tired of hearing you bitch about your religious freedom. You're Christians for fuck's sake. You comprise (Catholics included) better than eighty-five percent of the religious demographic of this Nation. IN NO WAY are you persecuted or oppressed. I mean, holy shit, your fatcat rich churches don't even pay taxes on ANY of the money ( Great flipping wodges of cash on an annual basis) they rake in!!
You ARE being told that your faith path does not trump (no pun intended) the rights of others to freely express their sexuality, faith, political beliefs and need to be contributing members of Society. You ARE driving your own young people away in droves because of your blinkered stupidity and intolerance. You ARE failing to live by the very tenets of the faith you desperately wave (like a burning cross) in our faces every chance you get. You ARE letting institutional racism, intolerance, ignorance and denial of simple universal facts make you look far more stupid and bigoted than you actually are.
This is EXACTLY what the founders were trying to avoid when they specifically did NOT establish a National Religion. In fact, having seen first hand the destruction and horror that National Religions wrought in Europe for centuries...they were DEAD SET against having one. Instead , they guaranteed that all people were free to express their faith as they were called to ...including no faith at all. Yes. You ARE free to be religious. Go for it. Live it up. Have fun, if your particular version of imaginary friend allows fun. But remember that one man's beliefs are another man's bullshit. you right to swing your arm ends, possibly fatally at MY nose.
If your faith interferes with my rights...we're gonna have a problem and you are gonna lose.
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