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There was a point in time where someone asked my Lady how fast she could get the traditional garb related to an SCA knighting together for me. The answer was moot because it never happened. I have always felt the burning pain and shame of that ...I can't let it go. What did I do that wiped all that away? I have a fiercely adamant view of what the standard is and I try to hold myself to that standard. I am often too rigid. It really doesn't matter any more practically...because as I age I slip farther and farther out of the Chivalry's eye. But it hurts, deep down in my soul...and it reminds me that whatever else I am...I am a chivalric failure

Date: 2017-04-14 06:18 pm (UTC)
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I am not sure there can be any such thing, but if we assume there can, it is not your burden to carry alone. Moving Kingdoms never helps such things. I can tell you that you didn't get the advice you needed at the time you needed it. Fate conspired to help you be exactly where you are today. I do not know if it is now destined to never happen, but if that is it, there is still a huge role for you to play. You matter and people look up to you. What is a peerage? It is a sign that you matter and that people look up to you. There is nothing that I can say that will take away the sting of what could have been, but don't forget the "whatever else you are" part. That is the part that matters.


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